Lighting Control

Nowadays, the lighting control system is developing in the direction of automation and intelligence. Its flexibility and accuracy are getting higher and higher, while its application is getting wider and wider. Many people think that sensor control and scene control are already “smart”, but do you know what real “smart” is?

The essence of smart lighting is the induction, cognition and application by systems. Conventionally, the lights works by turning a switch on or off, or sometimes wired to a dimmer switch. Smart lighting includes the different internet-connected solutions that allow you to remotely manage,
control and check on your lighting with your phone, tablet or smart assistant wirelessly.
Smart lighting system has become the most important product in the field of Internet, whether in terms of functionality, decoration or energy saving. Smart lighting is under continuous development to meet the needs of people and bring greater convenience for our life.

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Thwart Systems has also been involved in building automation dated back 2012 with it first major project at the World Trade Centre which was to assist in the completion of a Centralized Heating and Ventilation Air-condition System (HVAC). Read more.

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Benefits of Industrial Automation

We give facility managers the ease of managing their building anywhere in the world and knowing the state of their facility anytime they want to. Read more

How to make your security system smart

We use your Wi-Fi network to connect entry sensors and sirens to devices like smart door locks, smart thermostats, and smart lightbulbs. Read more.

Control your home from your phone

Our smart home system lets you control your lights, check on your porch, or adjust the temperature from anywhere—all from the the app. Read more.

Smart Devices

We use a wide variety of interconnected devices, ranging from motion detectors, smart door locks, smart video doorbell, etc.

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