VoIP Phone Services
Every business has a vision for the future, a set of goals they give themselves to meet and exceed. No two businesses are alike, each requiring a variety of needs.
In order for us to meet and exceed each goal, we decided to offer a selection of VoIP services.

What is a PBX System?
PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a private phone network for your office. This system can have one or multiple lines and has the same flexibility as VoIP systems.

PBX phone systems have been around for quite some time; in fact, the traditional PBX systems predate the internet!
This system is a centralized network that connects people with an organization, but you can think of it as a gateway
for companies to communicate with the outside world.

4 Types of PBX Phone Systems

PBX phone systems provide more easier, reliable, more effective networking for businesses. Also, since there are several systems you can choose from, we’ve provided a list with some of the top PBX systems of today:

Traditional/Analog PBX
Based on hardwired connections that start through offices internally and make their way to landlines externally. There are a few disadvantages to this PBX phone system though – high upfront costs, ongoing maintenance, hard to scale for growth, and limited features.

IP-Based PBX
An on-premise IP PBX phone system is in-house based, allowing you to take advantage of modern PBX functionalities, features, applications, and calling services. With this phone system, you can have low monthly costs and customize it to your preferences.

Hosted PBX
Also referred to as a Cloud or Virtual PBX phone system, Hosted PBX puts your company “in the cloud.” It allows your business to connect with others over your internet network, all managed by your provider’s servers

Virtual PBX
Almost the same as a hosted PBX but it usually cost less than their hosted PBX counterparts and offers fewer features. It allows your business to connect with others over your internet network for internal calls, all managed by your provider’s servers.


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